About Loyalmobs

Our Mission: Loyalmobs improves your ability to understand what customers think about you (in their own words using their ever-ready cell phone) and manage how this impacts your reputation. Unlike other solutions, Loyalmobs delivers actionable data in real time that enables you to immediately increase your revenue and profitability.

Company Description: Loyalmobs was founded in 2011 to help provide companies with the data and tools they need to measure customer satisfaction, improve their customers' experience, and manage their brand and reputation. The founders of Loyalmobs combine over 60 years of experience in technology development, managing retail stores, and providing outstanding customer service environments. In 1995 the Loyalmobs team developed the world's first internet-based assessment system with direct individual feedback, and leveraged this technology to build a publicly-held company which is still a category leader.

The Loyalmobs team also has hands-on experience with measuring customer satisfaction in both enterprise and consumer retail environments, including surveying hundreds of thousands of individual consumers and using their feedback to drive organizational change in order to create outstanding customer experiences. This rich background, combined with a thorough understanding of social networking, the fusion of multiple modes of telecommunications, data analytics, cloud computing, and the delivery of software-as-a-service enables Loyalmobs to provide a state-of-the-art solution that takes the voice of the customer, in their own words, and delivers actionable data in real time that enables you to ultimately increase revenue and profitability.

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Recent News

  • See logo page to download Loyalmobs logo

  • "Texting overtakes voice+mobile web combined as the new voice of the US customer" 7/12/11 Loyalmobs, Inc. releases new data showing US customers now overwhelmingly prefer to provide feedback via SMS text when given a choice between web, voice, and SMS. see more

  • "'Mashable Blog' feature gives Loyalmobs users a simple and portable blog" 6/29/11 Loyalmobs, Inc. adds built-in blog-via-cell that can be embedded onto multiple websites, a simple and portable blogging solution for real estate agents and other professionals.

  • "Featured on Twilio blog" 5/13/11 We were featured today on Twilio's blog as an exciting new customer experience management solution built upon leading cloud-based platforms. (Note: Loyalmobs was formerly known as Loyalmobs) see more

  • "Loyalmobs fights 'Greedback' with simple two-point customer feedback solution" 3/31/11 Bucking the trend towards bloated feedback surveys that leave customers feeling imposed upon, Loyalmobs, Inc. is founded to offer businesses a painless way to gauge and act upon the sentiment of a broad section of their customer base.