Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to setup?

It takes 3 minutes to get your Loyalmobs up and running. Seriously. Get out your stop watch.

There is zero IT or other integration required.

It just works.

After setup you simply put out some signs (already provided for you, ready-to-print, in various sizes and formats) letting people know your Loyalmobs phone number so they can text or call.

For businesses or service professionals with a customer list you want comments from, you send them an email asking them to text or call your Loyalmobs phone number. Pretty simple.

Q: What makes Loyalmobs different?

You'll get a LOT more feedback, in real-time, with Loyalmobs than any other customer satisfaction measurement solution.

That's because Loyalmobs is the easiest way for customers to provide important feedback to you, in their own words. And "easiest" translates to "more feedback."

From your customer point of view easiest because it's one or two short questions (by default: "How did we do today?" and "How likely are you to refer us to friends?"). And it's easiest because customers can respond however they are most comfortable... call, text, use a mobile browser, or simply scan a QR code.

Q: But how does measuring customer satisfaction improve customer satisfaction?

Most of the time, if your managers or staff realize a customer is dissatisfied, they can address the issue. Even if they don't complete "fix" whatever is wrong, many customers respond very favorably to an honest effort to address their concerns.

The problem is, you often don't realize there is a problem until you read an unfavorable Yelp review where you didn't have a chance to address the issue.

That's how Loyalmobs helps you boost your customer satisfaction. By encouraging customers to take 10-seconds to let you know they are unhappy, without them having to directly confront another person, you are more likely to hear from upset customers. And Loyalmobs will automatically text or email your on-duty manager or other staff when that happens, and gives them a way to contact the customer to address the issue on the spot. (And it can do so without disclosing either your employee's cell phone or the customer's cell phone.)

Q: What if I have multiple locations?

You can use one Loyalmobs for any number of locations (even nationally), or you can have a different Loyalmobs for each location.

It simply depends on whether you need to compare and track customer interactions on a store-by-store basis. If you do, use a different Loyalmobs number for each store and Loyalmobs will automatically provide store-to-store comparison reports.

Q: How secure is my credit card information?

All billing transactions are handled by a Level 1 PCI DSS compliant third-party payment sytem and payment gateway.

Q: Am I billed automatically each month?

If you are signed up for Loyalmobs Basic, there is no recurring month fee, so you will only be charged each month for any messages above the free allotment. If you are signed up for Loyalmobs Deluxe, your credit card will be billed monthly for the monthly fee plus any messages above the free allotment, as long as your account is active.

Q: Can I cancel any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. Your service will remain active until the next subscription period, then it will not renew. You will still be able to log into your account for at least one month after termination of your service in order to export any data such as customer survey results.

Q: When is it okay to market to customer phone numbers?

Ultimately, you are in charge of your relationship with your customers, and you should ensure you follow appropriate practices in opt-in and opt-out marketing.

Loyalmobs recommends that customers who simply send you feedback not be considered part of your marketing database. Loyalmobs has a SIGNUP command for that — ask customers to add themselves to your list by simply texting the word SIGNUP to your Loyalmobs; they'll automatically be added to your opt-in marketing list. And you can then use the Loyalmobs BBCAST feature to broadcast messages (perhaps a weekly special offer) to your opt-in list. Opt-out instructions will automatically be appended to your broadcasts.

As a Realtor®, client satisfaction and referrals are essential to the success of my practice. Clients appreciate having a 10-second way to rate my services, and I value Loyalmobs's built-in ability to amplify the voice of happy clients on my website and in my clients' social networks for referral-generation."

Larry Lapidus, Realtor since 1994, Spokane, WA