Loyalmobs Features

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Quickly collect more real-time customer feedback and reviews

via text, voice, mobile web, QR codes, and twitter

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The secret to getting LOTS of customer feedback is to make it fast, easy, and fun. Customers see a sign in your store (along the lines of "How did we do today?"), pick up their cell phone and fire off a text to your Loyalmobs number.
     ***** Best pizza in town       *** Slow service, great prices       * staff was rude
or whatever they want to tell you


Your Loyalmobs IS a phone number. So customers can simply call it. Or, if you have your customers' phone numbers, your Loyalmobs can call them at the end of a service call or transaction.

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The Loyalmobs system asks the customer one question (which you can record), usually along the lines of "On a scale of 0 to 9 how likely are you to refer friends to us?" Then it asks the customer to record a short comment. (And you can prompt the customer for different feedback based on their response to the initial question.)

mobile web

And of course your Loyalmobs includes a mobile web URL for customers who prefer web to text or voice.

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example mobile survey

QR codes

QR-savvy customers can point their camera phone at your QR code (automatically created for you on your Loyalmobs dashboard) and jump straight to your mobile web survey without having to type in the URL.

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If your camera phone has QR capability, how about taking a quick survey from Howdy Howdy Barbeque? Don't worry, it's not a real store, it's just for demos. Just pretend you're sitting in Howdy Howdy BBQ and point your QR reading camera here:

Demo QR Code


You can set up a dedicated Twitter account for customer reviews, perhaps using your Loyalmobs number as your Twitter name. Loyalmobs will then treat Twitter mentions the same as other Loyalmobs review messages, replying automatically based upon customer sentiment, alerting you about unhappy customers, soliciting social network referrals from happy customers, and tracking all your reviews and comments for analysis.

Receive instant alerts while unhappy customers are still in the store

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When an unhappy customer texts or calls your Loyalmobs, it instantly alerts your designated staff or manager on duty and/or your customer service staff, via text or email or both. The alert provides the customer's message and contact information so your staff can nip the problem in the bud. Your staff can use Loyalmobs to relay a personal text message reply to the customer (protecting both the staff's cell phone number and the customer's privacy). You can also use Loyalmobs to place a voice call to the customer. Either way, customers appreciate your immediate response to their concerns.

Collect feedback as stars, numbers, comments (or all three)

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one * to five *****

The easiest feedback to collect, because everyone knows how to give a quick one-to-five star review, plus comments.


Loyalmobs automatically recognizes customer feedback that is a number between 0-10 (instead of stars) and tracks it separately. You can ask any question that is important to you that can be answered on a scale from 0 – 10. There is a lot of power in asking customers "The Ultimate Question" which is how likely they are to refer friends to you. All you have to do is ask. Numerous reports let you make store-to-store comparisons by day, week, or month so you can see what (or who) is working or not working for you.

You can ask for both

You can freely customize the Loyalmobs messages. For starters, if a customer texts (or tweets) a positive review, Loyalmobs will automatically follow up with one more question, which could be "The Ultimate Question" or a question of your own design. If the customer sends an unhappy or negative review, you can still follow-up with a second question, or you may choose to simply have a staffer alerted immediately and handle the issue person-to-person. Loyalmobs gives you that flexibility.

Customize interaction based on customer sentiment

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Sometimes it makes sense to give the customer a coupon, reward, or incentive. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it makes sense to make it easy for them to "tell the world" about you. Sometimes you want them to tell only you so you can fix a problem. Loyalmobs gives you an amazingly easy way to customize replies, couponing, social network referrals, and follow up questions based on what the customer feels.

Happy? Help them "tell the world"

For example, you can thank customers for a good review, and send them a link to your referral page (perhaps including a coupon link, or a couponless-coupon code), and also ask them "The Ultimate Question" to gather customer loyalty data.

Not happy? Find out and fix it before they Yelp!

Don't you hate reading a bad Yelp review when you never had a chance to address the customer's issue before they blasted you? That's why you want to ask every customer to take a few seconds to use your Loyalmobs number. You can have Loyalmobs instantly alert a staffer (via text or email or both) with the unhappy customer's complaint message and contact information, automatically tell the customer a manager or staffer will be in contact with them, send the customer a "make good" coupon, etc. When you are immediately alerted about unhappy customers, you have the opportunity to do something about it in the critical time period before they post a negative review about you. Loyalmobs gives you the ability to take back control over your brand and reputation.

Amplify positive reviews via Facebook, Twitter, Yelp!, etc.

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After collecting a happy customer's feedback, Loyalmobs replies with a link to your mobile referral page. This referral page makes it easy for the customer to tell their social networks about you, "like" your Facebook page with a single click, tweet about you, or post a review directly to your company's page on the review site that is most relevant to you .

example referral screen

Flow favorable reviews onto your website

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You can configure Loyalmobs to automatically publish three, four, and five star comments on your web site, or you can pick and choose which customer comments to publish on your web site.

example referral screen

Incorporate your existing coupons and other incentives

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Loyalmobs works hand-in hand with your coupons or any other web-based rewards or incentives you might offer. For example, if you are offering a Groupon you can include a link to your Groupon offer. Loyalmobs can automatically include a unique coupon code in the link to your coupons to provide source tracking. Want to offer different incentives to happy vs unhappy customers? Loyalmobs can also include a "sentiment code" in the link, so your incentive system can generate sentiment-specific incentives.

Even if you are not setup to provide printable coupons, Loyalmobs can generate and send the customer a unique coupon code which you can use to offer and track special promotions.

example referral screen

Keep customers close with a text message campaign

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Want to send text message promotions to your customers, for example your "special deal of the week"? Your customers can text SIGNUP to add themselves to your opt-in list. You can send a message to your entire list. And each message automatically includes opt-out instructions. You can also download the opt-in customer contact data that Loyalmobs has gathered to your own marketing database.

Track trends with analysis and reports

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Analyze customer trends by keywords mentioned in their feedback comments. Compare Star Ratings, Net Promoter ScoresTM, or other numeric ratings between stores or between shifts, day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month. Export detailed customer feedback data into your existing analytics system. Loyalmobs gives you the powerful data collection and reporting tools you need to find out what customers think about your business and empowers you to use this data to drive positive change throughout your organization. This will help you improve customer satisfaction, create great customer experiences, and ultimately increase your revenue and profitability.

"Where are shoes?" — offer self-service lookup-and-reply

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example referral screen

Loyalmobs also gives you the ability to provide automated in-store customer assistance. You can easily import into your Loyalmobs system a list of products and locations (or any other detail data such as pricing, inventory, or stocking status). Your customers can then use your Loyalmobs to automatically find out information on the products they are looking for, like where they are located in your store. There's also a "CallMe" feature built-in so your customers can reach out to you for live assistance from store personnel.

Our web services integrate with your existing applications

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Loyalmobs features such as outbound surveys calling can be initiated via web service calls from your existing application software, such as your CRM system, so customers can be automatically called after doing business with you. The resulting customer feedback can be automatically added to your database.

Your customers can use any phone or web browser

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Your customers don't need to download any software or mobile applications to use Loyalmobs, and they don't have to have "smart" cell phones. Your Loyalmobs works fine with any telephone, any cell phone, or a web browser.

Enjoy instant-on, zero-infrastructure cloud-based deployment built upon leading platforms:

Amazon Heroku Twilio Tropo

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There's no software or hardware to buy, install, or administer. Loyalmobs is built upon the proven cloud computing capabilities of Amazon, Heroku, Twilio, and Tropo. Manage your Loyalmobss and add additional Loyalmobss whenever you need, all from the convenience of your web browser.

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The founders of Loyalmobs have a proven track record of delivering industry-changing technology and growing it into a publicly-held software company. Now they've come up with an elegant cloud-based solution to a meaningful O2O (Online-to-Offline) social commerce opportunity; customer satisfaction measurement and recommendation management. This approach has tremendous potential."

Dave Ellett, Chief Executive Officer
RemitDATA Inc., Dallas TX

Asking THE question?

  • By default after receiving a positive star rating from a customer, your Loyalmobs asks your customer to rate their likelihood to refer friends to you on a scale of 0 to 10. (Often referred to as "The Ultimate Question.")

    Loyalmobs automatically calculates and displays your Net Promoter ScoreTM (a measure of the relative percentage of your customers who are promoters vs. detractors) based on customer answers to this question.

    Your Loyalmobs dashboard also provides built-in reports that display store-to-store comparisons of average willingness-to-refer and NPSTM by day and by week. This gives you key metrics on your overall levels of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

  • Net Promoter, NPS, and Net Promoter Score are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld, who are not affiliated with Loyalmobs, Inc.

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