Get more reviews, referrals, and repeat visits. Automatically.

How Loyalmobs turns Feedback into Revenue

Higher customer satisfaction >> more social referrals >> effective campaigns

Loyalmobs works. Replacing your paper comment cards, loyalty punch cards, and manual coupon tracking with our mobile phone-based platform enable real-time communications with customers, leveraging their social networks and improving your search engine and review site rankings.

1. Loyalmobs brings you LOTS MORE feedback. here's how»

Customers love pulling out their cell phone right on the spot and using Loyalmobs to let you know how you're doing, choosing whatever method they prefer (text, voice, tweet, web, or QR code). So our clients collect more feedback with Loyalmobs than any other channel. A real estate agent got more customers testimonials in one week with Loyalmobs than from all his other sources combined in a decade. Get satisfaction ratings and comments in your customers’ own words, at the time and point of service, from both buyers and non-buyers.

2. Instantly reward or respond. here's how»

Real-time scoring and routing of feedback means that happy customers can be thanked and encouraged or rewarded. Unhappy customer comments are routed immediately to designated staff via text or email. Targeted incentives (such as a coupon or Groupon™) can be provided to customers as rewards, thank yous, make-ups, or cross-selling opportunities that will increase your revenue and profitability.

3. Turn happy customers into social network referrers. here's how»

Happy customers are encouraged to promote you through their social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, post comments to public review sites, or post reviews on your own web site. A database of opt-in customer contact information is built that you can use for follow-on marketing campaigns. And positive reviews can automatically flow to your website.

4. Analyze the data collected to improve your business. here's how»

With Loyalmobs's dashboard of key indicators and reports, you can spot trends, compare performance, and take action to drive continuous improvement throughout your organization. This helps you increase customer satisfaction, revenues, and profits. For example, you can see how often certain buzzwords were mentioned in customer comments, and how often those buzzwords were associated with positive or negative sentiment.

5. Mobile punchcard that tracks trends. here's how»

Keep customers coming back with our patent-pending mobile loyalty punchcard that can even track which daily deals, ads, and promotions are creating loyal customers (vs. one-time walk-ins).

6. Precisely-targeted mobile campaigns. here's how»

With Loyalmobs' opt-in campaign capability, you can easily send different TEXT campaigns to customers based upon their profile. For example, one promotion might target customers who have not been in for 2 months. Another might target customers who came in for the first time with a daily deal, but have not been back since. And another promotion might target customers with only 2 remaining punches, encouraging them to bring a friend and enjoy a free meal.

Get up and running in 3 minutes without installing anything.

Loyalmobs is the simple, easy-to-use, low-cost Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution that actively helps you find out what your customers think about you and gives you better control over your brand and reputation. With Loyalmobs you can deliver an awesome experience to every customer that differentiates your business from your competition.

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Customer engagement is simple:
Ask them to text (or call, or tweet)
your Loyalmobs phone number

Signage Signage can be printed, or animated on low-cost LCD photo frames such as in this actual restaurant customer example

Email Professionals such as real estate agents can simply use email to invite their database of clients to provide reviews (often with double-digit response rates!)