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Lots of free messages every month. No setup fees. No cancellation fees.

Start with Loyalmobs Basic for free!

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  • Free Basic. Start collecting feedback today via SMS for FREE with a Loyalmobs Basic phone number. Includes 50 message units each month! (Between 25 and 50 free surveys/month depending on number of questions you ask.)
  • Deluxe. Upgrade at any time to Loyalmobs Deluxe to also collect feedback via voice, mobile web, QR code, plus 9 more enterprise-class features.
  • Additional message units each month are as low as 1 cent each, depending upon volume and configuration.

    A "message unit" is simply one outgoing SMS message, or a one-minute voice call, or a complete mobile web survey. A complete customer feedback dialogue is usually between 1 and 2 messages (depending upon whether you ask follow-up questions and/or offer a coupon link).

Loyalmobs comes ready to roll

It's pre-configured — Just create your account, choose your area code and phone number, and you are up and running in 3 minutes with a default configuration that works for the most common application.

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  • Local number — Loyalmobs phone numbers are available in nearly every area code in all 50 states plus D.C.
  • Simple to engage customers — To get customers to use Loyalmobs, simply print and display "How did we do today?" messages (wording similar to the one shown at right) at appropriate customer touchpoints. You can even add your Loyalmobs's QR code.
  • Secure payments — Your credit card billing information is never stored on or routed through Loyalmobs servers. All billing transactions are handled by a Level 1 PCI DSS compliant third-party payment system and payment gateway.

Includes buzz-building configuration options

Once you're up and running, you can tune Loyalmobs for your specific application.

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  • Customizable social network settings — You can drop in your Facebook 'like' button, your Twitter button, your Yelp! link and happy customers will automatically be given the opportunity to "tell the world" about you. (Unhappy customers' comments will alert your staff instead.)
  • Customizable alerts — Managers or staffers can "sign in" via their cell phone to receive alerts about upset customers, or you can have alerts emailed to an address you specify, or both.
  • Customizable incentives — Linking to your online coupons (or Groupons) is a snap. If you don't have online coupons, you can have Loyalmobs generate a unique couponless-coupon code that customers can redeem at your point-of-sale. And you can decide how often (and how many) coupons are sent to the same customer phone number. You can even decide whether to offer coupons to happy customers, unhappy customers, neutral customers, or any combination of customers.
  • Customizable replies — Loyalmobs is pre-configured to accept a star-based review rating with comments (such as **** great service) and then asks one numerically-scored "willingness to refer" follow-up question which is used to measure your customer loyalty. You can easily customize the questions, messages, and scoring based upon your particular requirements.
  • And much more — See our full list of features to get a sense of the power that Loyalmobs brings to meet your customer satisfaction measurement and reputation management needs.

see Features

  • Multiple locations? If you have multiple locations, using a different Loyalmobs number per location permits you to make detailed store-to-store comparisons of reviews, willingness-to-refer scores, sentiment-by-keyword, staff performance, etc. Contact us for more information regarding large configurations, including volume pricing.

Customer engagement is simple:
Ask them to text (or call, or tweet)
your Loyalmobs phonenumber

Signage Signage can be printed, or animated on low-cost LCD photo frames such as this BBQ restaurant example

Email Professionals such as real estate agents can simply use email to invite their database of clients to provide reviews (often with double-digit response rates!)